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Dream: The Shift

Last night I dreamt I met Karee from the Anshar ancient underground advanced civilization. She started giving some kind of test to a whole lot of people including me. Overall, she was helping people prepare for the shift.

Those who didn't pass were given some medication which for some reason I thought it was to stabilize the body so that they wouldn't feel the shift. The test had all sorts of random questions including knowing which side of the street a picture of a place nearby was on.

I passed the test and she had me drink a tea from a weird red pinkish flower. Like a dried up hibiscus flower. The tea made me puke a lot and for a long time. It was very unpleasant! I just wanted it to be over. Apparently, the tea would help me get rid of the impurities in my body.

Then all of a sudden the shift started happened. It took us all by surprise. I instantly thought about the solar flare that would reverberate through all matter. My body started feeling tingly all over and more like a rubber band.

I woke up and went back to sleep but the second dream did not have the same regimen feel to it as the first one.


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