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Highlights 💖

  • My most blissful experience ever was meeting an angel in a dream in 2007. 🕊️

  • I've practiced channeling in several forms (including hypnotherapy) and there is no doubt in my mind that there are highly intelligent and loving beings who want to help us. These experiences have inspired me so much! ((( 🙏 )))

  • I've had many dreams were I'm a different person, sometimes even a different gender, in different time periods, and places (moons, other planets, outer space)... I believe some of these are from my other parallel lives. I occasionally dream about UFOs and ETs. Checkout my dream journal! 😍🧝‍♀️🪐🌌

  • I've astral projected and have gone "out-of-the-body" several times. 🫨

  • I Love building pyramids. 😇🔺


  • I am QHHT certified and received my training in hypnotherapy from Dolores Cannon in 2011. 👩‍⚕️

  • I received training in reconnective healing from Dr. Eric Pearl in 2012. 👏

  • I've volunteered for Dolores CannonBashar, Project Camelot and Dr. Greer. 🙋

  • I graduated from UC Berkeley with a B.S. in Bioengineering in 2007. 🧑‍🎓

  • I was part of a state-of-the-art UCLA DNA sequencing lab for two years. 🧬

  • I coded a complex program by drawing it using LabView to control pressure valves for a UCLA nano-manufacturing facility. 💻

  • I graduated at the top of my high school class of 700+ students in 2002. 🏃

I LOVE meditating 🧘‍♀️, channeling, ☁️☁️☁️ lucid dreaming ☁️☁️☁️, astral projecting 🌠, ancient civilizations, ETs/UFOs 🛸, synchronicities 🍀, animals 🦙, nature 🏞️, sci-fi/fantasy, emojis 🥴😂...

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