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Dream: Dolores Cannon in a Grocery Store

Had a funny dream this morning 😄 I was in the grocery store with Dolores Cannon, who trained me in hypnotherapy many years ago, and she was like an energizer bunny zig zagging through the store getting everything she needed. She was always a real high energy person in real life. 😄 I would try to chat with her here and there. She said she'd help me in my upcoming project I was working on in the dream. I'm like great! I look over at her grocery cart and it's FULL of veggies to the TOP! 😂🛒🥬🥦🥒🌽🍈🥦🥬🥬 Practically all greens. Often times when she did a hypnotherapy session, the subconscious would recommend the client to eat more fruits and vegetables. 😄


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