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Text Expander for Windows, Linux, Mac, iPhone, Androids

Press a certain key combination on your keyboard and your computer / phone writes out any predetermined phrase you want wherever your your keyboard cursor is located. 😍 Useful for pasting common things like email, address, phone number, btw expands into "By the way", etc. This is going to save me some keystrokes! 😂 Don't use this for passwords, financial information or other sensitive information!

AutoText for Windows

AutoKey for Linux Mint

Search for "autokey" in the Linux Software Manager. AutoKey has some other nice features. Press CTRL+F7 and it shows you a numbered list of your phrases you can paste. You can also set custom keyboard combinations. Be sure to hit the save button to activate the shortcut! 😅


Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Keyboard > Text. Works almost everywhere on your computer. Espanso is another great alternative. :)

iPhones / iPads

Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Shortcuts.


Go to Settings and search for "Personal dictionary." Usually located under Settings > System > Language & input > Personal dictionary. Tap on "For all languages" or on your desired language. Tap on the "+" button. Next time you type your shortcut, the suggestion will appear on the top of your keyboard.


Honorable mention. 😄 Another program for automating repetitive keyboard and mouse actions on Windows is AutoHotkey. Great for data mining too.


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