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Synchronicities: Seth Positive Channeling

I was thinking about positive channeling earlier this morning. Turns out the next person I pickup while ride-sharing is named "Seth." If you haven't heard about the Seth Material before, according to the description on Amazon, Seth is "The spiritual teacher that launched the new age movement and coined the phrase, 'you create your own reality' (channeled by Jane Roberts)."

I do another ride or two then browse Tiktok while waiting for my next trip. A ventriloquism (aka "channeling" 😂) video with Seth MacFarlane pops up in my feed. I don't remember the last time a saw a Seth MacFarlane video on my Tiktok. I don't search for or follow him.

Seth is endorsed by Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, David Wilcock and many others. More info here:


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