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Dream: Petroglyphs in the Sky

(Scroll down for synchronicity.) I had a really strange dream. There was a disagreement and someone shot someone else. The whole small town was in mourning. Then all of a sudden, petroglyps starting appearing and disappearing in the sky and on the stone road. The ones in the sky were large and the ones on the road about 2 to 3 feet in length. I touch one on the ground to see if it’s chalky but can’t discern what it’s made out of. Then we all start hearing deep, gutteral moans. Not sure where they were coming from. I look to my right and a face emerges on the hill at the base of a mountain. The whole hill and mountain were covered with green vegetation (grass/shrubs). Then I realize the face is what’s making all the sounds. Eventually, the sounds start diminishing, the face squishes down and flattens out and all the sounds stop and the petroglyphs stop appearing too. I felt like a ancient karmic conflict had come to an end that didn’t just involve those people but the whole town as well.

[Spanish translation]

SUEÑO: Tuve un sueño bien raro. Alguien le disparo a alguien mas. Todo el pueblo esta en luto. Luego algo super raro y sobrenatural empieza a pasar. En el cielo se aparecen y desparecen petroglifos de varios tamaños pero usualmente son bastante grandes. En el piso empedrado también se aparecen y desaparecen pero mas pequeños como de dos a tres pies de largos. Toco uno de ellos en el piso para sentir si es algún tipo de gis pero no puedo discernir de que son. Todo esto esta pasando en todo el pueblo. Luego se empiezan a oír unos gemidos profundos, guturales. No sabemos de donde vienen. Miro hacia un lado y veo una cara enorme que se forma de la colina que esta al pie de un cerro. Todo el cerro y la colina están verdes de hierba o pasto. La cara es la que esta haciendo los gemidos. Después de un rato, la cara se empieza a desinflar, se aplasta y se acaban los gemidos y la aparición de los petroglifos también. Sentí como que se había parado un conflicto karmico antiguo que no solo afectaba a esas personas pero también a todo el pueblo.

SYNCHRONICITY: This morning as I was writing up my dream, I was browsing for images that looked like what I dreamt. I browsed through the Moai faces on Easter Island, some sculpures on Hawaii, and many others. I didn't find an image that was a good overall match to a scene in my dream so I put together collage instead.

This evening, just a few minutes ago after a long work day, I finally sat down on the recliner and thought I'd get a little bit of rest. I felt like watching the newest stuff on the Ancient Aliens show. I pull up the series and the first episode of the last season has an image of the Hawaiian sculptures I saw this morning! Intrigued, I started watching it and lo and behold, they're showing petroglyphs, mountains and hills that were like the ones in my dream. 😮🏞


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