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Quote: The Most Evolved Human on Earth

This is a TRIP!!! A description of "the most mature and evolved human in physical earth, living in your time reference..." eg ~1990s...

But it was the radiation that stunned me. It was like standing in bright spring sunlight that was filled with every human emotion that ever existed. It was almost overwhelming—and yet familiar. It was equally balanced. One moment it was male, then I was sure it was female. A true equal—a He/She. Heshe!

The radiation closed off. Heshe—there had to be a name —looked up. The eyes were bottomless; I could detect no expression or emission. The control was perfect, yet I could not understand the reason for the restraint.

Quote from the novel "Ultimate Journey" by Robert Monroe.

Then they "TALK"! Oh trip. What a trip. L=` o


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