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Poem: Look Into Her Eyes

look into her eyes and you might notice the

glimmer of your perfect self

you may find peace in its white purity

and you may find revelation in its complex radial landscape

however, if she's the one, you will be drawn against your will to the central abyss

at first, the sight of such watery perfection will draw your intolerable fear

fear from realizing the imperfections of yourself

and you will inevitably remain curious of your experience

however, if you seek, you will find a peaceful nest on which to rest your unruly self

you will soon find yourself flying through the radial canyons

then racing in an adveturous quest in the strands of impulse

and you will explore the concentric boundaries which attempt contain it

however, if you persist, you will find her eyes once more in your eyes which subside in hers

and become aware of the infinite weaving of all divinity

(written at 9:25am)

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