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OBE: Wake Initiated Lucid Dream

I had a W.I.L.D. last night!! omg an out-of-body experience (this post) followed by an awesome past-life dream (next post)! A spirit came to help me lift me out of my body!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!

I went to sleep, slept for 4 hours, woke up, took the galantamine* to boost dream activity and went back to sleep. I did a little prayer, asked for help from good / positive spirits and confirmed that I am more than physical body.

I continued saying to myself in my head over and over again "Let your body and your brain go to sleep like they do every night. It's okay. But your mind doesn't have to go to sleep. Your mind exists outside your body. Your mind can stay right here and observe how your body falls asleep naturally...

...So let go of all the tensions in your face, in your neck and your entire body. Imagine there's a shoe box in the corner of the room and put all your worries and concerns there. They're very small compared to everything that's going on in the world. They'll fit in the shoe box comfortably.
...Let your body change position if it wants to. Yes go ahead, scratch your head and that itch on your nose [I wanted to at that moment]. Just let your body do whatever it usually does as it falls asleep. But your mind doesn't have to go to sleep..."

Then I would rest for a little bit and after a little while I would generally repeat those words to myself. I kept on doing that until...

Now this is going to sound totally crazy. I was sleeping face down by now and I felt there was a subtle rain or flow of energy downwards through the whole room... and the weirdest part is... my body started feeling weightless... I even felt my legs floating upwards! This happened for a good 10-20 minutes.

and then OMG IT HAPPENED! I GOT HELP!! I felt a HAND press down slightly on my neck for about 10 seconds. And after that, I felt TWO hands press down slightly on my upper back for about 10 seconds. And then finally, I felt the two hands press down slightly on my lower back. Since I had only asked for good / positive spirits, I was totally not worried. I knew they were there to help me.

Then off I BLAST into space! I tried to concentrate as much as I could. I would see a galaxy that generally looked like a flower fly-by. And then another flower/galaxy fly-by at another angle. And I just kept flying through these in mostly empty / black space.

I don't remember if I entered the dream (see next post) right after that or if I did something else. I did set my alarm clock to wake me up 2 hours later so that I would go back to sleep one more time. But I remember the whole process and lift-off perfectly!

I'm going to try again tonight the exact same way but without the galantamine and see what happens!

*Checkout my Lucid Dreaming Tips page for more information. :)


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