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OBE: Robert Monroe Transcending OBEs

I can't believe Bob Monroe actually got bored of out-of-body-experiences (oobes)! L=` o This is how he overcame his boredom:

The limiting factor was my conscious mind. Therefore, if OOBE decisions were left up to that part of me, as they had been, I would remain just as I was. I was too much in control—this left-brain "I." What would happen if I turned this decision-making process over to my total self (soul?), who was purportedly conversant with such activities.

Believing this, I then put it into practice. The following night, I went to sleep, went through two sleep cycles (about three hours), woke up, and remembered the decision. I detached from the physical and floated free. I said in my conscious mind that the decision to do is to be made by my entire self. After waiting for what seemed only a few seconds, there was a tremendous surge, a movement, an energy in that familiar spatial blackness, and there began for me an entire new era in my out-of-body activities. Since that night, my nonphysical experiences have been almost totally due to this procedure.

The results have been of a nature so far removed from anything my conscious mind could conceive of that a new problem arose. Although my physical here-now consciousness is always a participant, better than 90 percent of such events seemed to me impossible to translate into the timespace medium. It is as if one were to try to describe music, such as a symphony orchestra with choir, and do it in words without the use of such technical descriptions as notation, instruments, intervals, tonalities, and soon. One can use such words as "nice," "compelling," "frightening," "aweinspiring," "warm," "loving," "beautiful"—and be nowhere remotely near the actual description.

-Robert Monroe - Far Journeys 1985

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