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Mini astral projection this morning!

And I was not even expecting it! I heard weird sounds and my arms felt like they turned into water and floated above my chest! This is what happened... ={D

When I woke up this morning, I got up from my bed and laid back on my recliner to meditate. My room was real nice and dark / dim.

So I started an internal dialogue with my subconscious: talking and discussing about all sorts of concepts. Letting the answers pop into my head. Next thing I know, there were kids running around my recliner and I was in a living room! I didn't know I was actually dreaming!

I played with the kids for a little bit but then decided to keep meditating, so I got back on the recliner. Then I heard someone talking in my room! That startled me. I couldn't make out the words. I opened my eyes and looked around in my room but didn't see him. I closed my eyes and kept meditating. Then I heard that voice again! I opened my eyes and looked around but no sign of the man again.

I closed my eyes and kept meditating. Before you know it... I felt both of my arms turn into water and they floated right above my chest!! Then I realized what was happening... I was about to go into an astral projection / out-of-body-experience (oobe / obe).

I freaked out out and woke up. I wasn't sure where my dream / astral projection was going to take me. The astral projection caught me off guard! I was just trying to have an nice and normal meditation. I had not had an obe in over a year!

I realized all the signs where there: staying super still, comfortable and calm, letting my body fall asleep while repeating something in my head, going through the weird sounds phase, limbs feeling liquidy and ultimately... the projection, which I didn't get to.

After I woke up, I decided I'd like to practice obe'ing some more so I meditated some more. I felt more weird stuff... like two of my fingers on my left hand twitching then switching places! But I couldn't get to the liquidy phase. So I got up.

I'm going to keep practicing. Specially on the weekends. So stay tuned! ={D Check out my other post for more lucid dreaming / astral projection tips. Godspeed! ^_^

UPDATE: This morning (the next day) I had an another mini astral projection! I did the same thing but now fully intending to do an obe. I got up, went to the restroom, came back into my bedroom, laid on the sofa recliner, kept talking to myself in my head and stayed perfectly still for like an hour.

I almost gave up. I felt the numbness in my limbs but no liquid / floating / audible sensations for a long while. But I was patient and just stayed there.

Before you know it I felt like I was falling upwards! And in my liquid astral body! I let my arms and legs and body float to wherever they wanted to go. I was soo happy I finally did it and was not scared at all. Just so relieved. But I just made a loop in the air and fell back on my recliner.

Going to keep practicing and will post once I get a longer obe / astral travel.

Godspeed! ^_^

1st image: Water and human by sergin3d2d 2nd image: by me


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