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Meditating 101

We are composed of three parts: Body, Mind and Spirit. When you still the body and the mind, you're able to feel the Spirit because that's the only part that is moving at that point. So how do you still the body and the mind? Through meditation. If you want to know how to do it right, read on!! ^_^ Last updated: March 9, 2017.

1 Go to a quiet place

It's helpful to be in a place that has little to no distractions. The cleaner the better so that the clutter doesn't "clutter" your mind. This is your peaceful space. ^_^

2 State your intention and ask for help

Begin by stating what you'd like clarification or help on. Your asking can be a form of prayer or simply just stating your intention or question in your mind. The concept here is, "Ask and you shall receive." It all boils down to Free Will. If you do not ask, the "higher ups" are not authorized to help you. This is very important. :)

3 Sit comfortably

In a sitting meditation, you want to be 100% awake. It's okay if you relax your lower back into your chair or couch, but be sure to keep your head up straight. Avoid positions that tense up your body or that help you fall asleep like laying down on your bed/recliner or laying back on your chair/couch (save those for lucid dreaming or astral traveling).

4 Clear your mind

Loose your mind in an abstract sound or pay close attention to your breathing. The goal here is to achieve a state of "zero thought." At first this might seem difficult or even impossible to do because of all the external noise around you or the seemingly unending stream of thoughts inside your mind. But it's actually not that difficult to achieve. It just takes practice. Here are some good sound examples:

Tom Kenyon meditations (official) (thanks Ady!)

5 Experience Spirit

This part is something that "just happens." If it doesn't happen the first few times, just keep practicing. Every meditation you do is one step closer to experiencing Spirit. Trust the process. It's better to practice for a few minutes at a time regularly than to meditate every once in a great while. Then one random time you sit down to meditate, BAM it's happens!! This experience is beyond intellect. It's not something you can put into words. You may feel an indescribable warmth flowing through your body, have a sudden realization or even feel the presence of God / Spirit. All it takes is being in "zero thought" if only for a few seconds. The more you practice, the longer you can hold this experience.

The Big Picture

Here's how it all fits together! Dreams, ayahuasca, sweatlodges, sitting meditations, etc. The whole point is knocking out the body and the mind in order to have a Spiritual experience. There are three types.


This is what you do every night when you go to sleep. This is a very gentle process. First your mind unwinds in a sea of thoughts and goes to sleep. Second, your body knocks out and you actually have sleep paralysis where you are unable to move your body. This goes on for about 4 hours which is the first part of your sleep. Once your body and your mind have totally rested and remained relatively still for about 4 hours you start entering the Spirit world through dreams. ^_^ You can turn dreaming into an active Spiritual experience by practicing lucid dreaming / astral projection.


This is the type of meditation you can do while being totally and completely awake. This is also a very gentle process. The common misconception is that when you meditate, you want to lower your brain state to near sleep. This is not true. You actually want to remain 100% awake but in "zero thought." This process simply takes practice, just like learning to play the guitar. This is the ultimate goal of yoga, tai chi, martial arts, sitting meditations and many other practices.


This is when you take a drug or place yourself in a situation that knocks out your body and your mind. This is a very disruptive process. Examples of this are doing psychedelic drugs, going to a sweatlodge or even being in a major accident.

What type do you fancy? ^_^



-Psychics: please share with us how you go about tuning in or what it feels like to have a Spiritual experience! ^_^

-Practitioners: what's your meditating practice like? What has inspired you to meditate?

-Please share you're favorite music or tips!! ^_^_^

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Godspeed and Happy Travels!! ^_^_^


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