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Dream: Topless and Worry Free ^_^

I fell in love in another dream... (^_^;

She was very beautiful. Fair skin, about my height with dark hair just past her shoulders. She had such a chill personality and we were so comfortable with each other that she was walking around topless...

It was a cool cloudy day. We were holding hands the whole time. The grass was almost mossy and wet. The lake was right next to us and we were just enjoying being together. ^_^

It was about 6am when we eventually we decided to head back to town. We went to a local store to get her a shirt. We then kept walking around and then came across some native craft shops where I checked out the flutes.

Next thing I know, we were getting married out on the grass and a whole ton of people came to join us. Her family started complaining and mentioned that she was actually a princess and I wasn't her class...

I spoke up and gave a whole speech about awareness and how social structures don't mean anything. I stated i was just an existential peasant and she was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

I wasn't too worried. It was as if we had a spiritual understanding. We just went about spending our days together... ^_^

I enjoy having a double life. ^_^


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