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Dream: Meeting Grandpa

Last night I dreamt about my grandpa from my mom's side whom I've never met!

I was with a few other kids playing around and somehow he was our "coach." In the dream he had a grandpa feeling to him. He was tall, dark skin, had a fair build, grey hair. So adorable and caring.

When it was time for me to sleep I asked him a trick question. My sister didn't think it was appropriate. I asked him why does the moon not show up on the same place month after month. I knew what the answer was but I just wanted to know what he would say.

He said it was because the moon had a hunchback. :) So then I said that because of that hunchback we wouldn't know how much the moon could walk each time!

He had such an endearing personality. I went to sleep in the dream with a warm, fuzzy feeling and woke up the same way. ^_^

I told mom about the dream and she said that was just the way grandpa was. ^_^;

image: drawing by me :)


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