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Dream: Jumping Through Parallel Lives

I walked into a dream last night, literally! Where you go directly from being awake to being in a dream without losing consciouness. It's called a W.I.L.D. for wake initiated lucid dreaming. :o (method towards the bottom)

I walked into a campus that had a religious feeling to it and saw two girls on a bench. Everyone apparently knew me so I asked one of the girls what my story was. She said that I was born as an artificial intelligence and was a main decision figure at the school. Then her eyeball rolled in a weird way showing me that she was an android too.

Then I walked around school saying hi to everybody. Then I decided to go into an elevator that went up. When it opened I was in another world / dimension. But the elevator ceiling was part of the world's floor so I had to "fall up" to get into it.

It was a barren planet, like the whole thing was a dessert. Slums every where. I walk around and head into a produce warehouse and I ask the guy how he gets his kicks. He shows me some produce but then I ask him again how he really gets his kicks. Then he smiles and opens a small fridge and pulls out a pack of jello cups, hands them to me and says I could have them.

I give half of the cups to the guy that led me to him. Then I keep walking around and come across another guy just tinkering around in his getto shop and give him a quarter of the jello cups I had left. So we're chatting and eating this really awesome jello and I ask him what this place is like. He says, well we've got this reality racing battle game that's pretty much the main thing around here.

I didn't have anything better to do and I was a very sharp guy so I said I'd do it. I get on a scooter/bike looking thing that was there, but when I head towards the portal to enter the arena, there's a gang of players waiting for me there.

They were all that and wanted to warm up with me before they went into the game. That's when I smash them all apart with a metal stud that was lying around. Then I woke up. Strange dream. :o


I sleep for 5 hours, wake up, then go back to sleep repeating something in my head over and over so that my body goes to sleep but my mind stays awake. Here's what happened...

I felt the usual thing where you start feeling the tingly sensation all over your skin and your body physically going to sleep. After a while I started feeling weightless and as if I were floating. Then I felt this surge of energy in the center of my head as if it were beating like an off-beat drum (most likely the pineal gland firing up).

The "drumming" happened for a long time like 20 - 30 mins so I got bored and decided I wasn't going to wait for the O.B.E. but go into a dream instead... I first imagined I was in the kitchen drinking some water and then I walked out on the hall. When I got downstairs I was in a campus and that's when the dream started!


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