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Dream: Running Late

I had such a trippy synchronicity (“meaningful coincidence”) yesterday…! 😲

Yesterday morning I dreamt I woke up around 2:21pm and I was going to be about 10 minutes late to my high school class. (Who has class at 2pm?) Anyways, I just grab my back pack and go. I didn’t have time for hygiene or grooming. I just dashed out. I wake up before I get to class.

Later on yesterday afternoon in real life, my girlfriend asks me if I want to go on a walk after she gets out of work at 4pm. This time of the year, we only have sunshine until about 5:30pm. My bro and I finish watching an episode of WandaVision by Marvel, really awesome btw!!, close to 4pm. So I just throw some stuff in my backpack and head to my girlfriend's place. I had taken a shower earlier yesterday but I didn’t do all the grooming I like to do like trim my whiskers, brush my teeth or comb my hair because I didn't want to miss out on the sunshine.

I get to my girlfriend’s place. And we end up feeling like not going on a walk after all. Later on the evening we went to a nice restaurant and yes... I did do my grooming after all. 🎩😄

The trippy thing is… I grabbed my backpack, I didn’t do my hygiene, and I didn’t do what I was expecting to do (arrive at class or go on a walk) on both my dream and waking life yesterday. 😲🌌🔮


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