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Dream: Swimming with a Whale in the Star Wars Universe

This morning I dreamt I swam with a slender whale that was about 60 feet long... I was in the "Star Wars Universe" and it started with a scene were I was defending a resistance camp from the Empire.

I direct some people, kids included, to a freezer room. A kid looks up at me perplexed and I tell them they need to get in there to hide. Soldiers arrive but they weren't wearing the white trooper suits, but navy blue uniforms instead. I fight them as best as I could but they're too many.

Eventually they take everybody, including the people in the freezer room. Some soldiers lying here and there hurt. I think they're going to nuke the planet. I run outside. There are a couple of vehicles with a flat top and long table on top where the soldiers mixed in with some resistance people that had volunteered to be part of the Empire are all dining. They will be taking off soon.

I ask them "Where's everybody!?," meaning the rest of the resistance. One guy points to a long trailer with rounded edges and says, "Over there. Can you believe that trailer was only $4 and some change!" As in saying they got it for so cheap and implying the detainees were cheap too. I tell him, "You used to be one of those people too."

I think I might as well go with them. They're going to destroy the planet anyway. They don't bother to arrest me. I sit at the table with my back towards it. They ask me to turn around, I glance back then I realize they want to take a picture of me with them, so then I turn right back around disappointed. I'm not sure if they were able to take it but I'm sure they wanted to share the picture with every body.

The vehicles take off and we stop at some kind of marina with lots of boats. I see orca whales jumping out of the water and everyone is so excited. I'm so excited too and I run from boat to boat to get to where the whales are.

Someone tells me if I want to get on one of the whales I need to say "Kevin." That was like the code word that would tell the whale it was okay for them to take me with them. There was one big whale and another more slender and long whale about 60 feet long. I wanted to with the slender one.

I jump into the water. The slender whale comes underneath me. I hold it's face and say "Kevin." I loved it so much! I hold on it and we take off! It swims up and down and everywhere. One time it started swimming so deep but I just trusted it and eventually it swam back up.

There was a moment when we were still and just looked at each other. I had a big smile and wiped my face with my hands. The whale looked at me and smiled too and moved its lips in a way similar to the way I moved my hands to wipe my face. I knew the whale was intelligent and that was its way of telling It was completely aware of me.

We swam a little more and it plops over in a shallow muddy area where there were lots of kids and people. I get off and just see all the kids climbing over it and petting it and everyone having so much fun. 🥳🙌


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