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Dream: Star Wars Empire Roller Coaster

I walk outside and it’s starry. It doesn’t make sense because I had just gone back to sleep and it was broad daylight. It can’t be night time so soon. I must be dreaming! I decide to go along with the dream instead of trying to do something on my own. I’m walking around the city. Suddenly I notice that the Empire just took over an adjacent part of the city and I see Empire soldiers everywhere walking in formation. I also see military vehicles driving around. They’re giving orders to all civilians as they walk around. Real bossy. They have about twenty of us line up next to a corner building. A lady announces that we are about to go on a ride that is 3000 seconds long. There are two files to enter. Everything is indoors now. Two by two we all step in. Apparently they are profiling us by the way we react throughout the ride.

It’s a lot of fun actually! Some you just step into and slide. Some real fast and go all sorts of directions like a roller coaster. I do feel a lot of g forces. We don’t need to step into any kind of carts though, we just go in. It’s a series of rides and when we come out of one, we have to walk towards the next one. I make a couple of friends along the way. As I’m getting ready to go down a slide, one of my dream friends wraps her legs around my sides with her feet on the sides of my stomach and we go down the slide almost vertically for a little bit.

We have to split up as we walk towards the next ride. I start flying along the wide flight of stairs and that triggers an alarm. They’re going to try and track me down.

I get to an auditorium kind of place with rows of seats on a slope. It’s dimly lit. Both of my friends are there. One just wants to sit and go along with it and the other one does want to break out like I do.


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