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Dream: Matrix 5

Had a dream about the Matrix 5 last night. 😂 I was living a comfortable life. Then I bumped into an old friend. We caught up on how we've been doing these past few years. He had gone on to master's school and set himself up with a real good job.

Then there was a major gathering at a very large warehouse. Felt like a lot of people if not all had superpowers. There were bridges in the air inside connecting different things. It was all a like a final exam and a celebration at the same time.

There was a formally dressed lady who was the most powerful and came down from one of the narrow platforms above. People admired and respected her. In the past she had given some people some stuff or abilities. Then she left. The other lady leading the gathering told me I was to present my answers later on the Matrix 5 which was a section on the exam that took about the upper right quarter of one of the pages composed of about 12 or 15 rows of smileys combinations. 😂 I was supposed to say what the overall feeling of each row was.

I hadn't even gone that part yet and was worried I wouldn't be able to present. The lady continued going through other sections on the exam calling on different people. I looked back down on the exam and it wasn't just one exam with a few sheets anymore, I had several exams on my lap each made of about 20 pages stapled together. Desperately, I asked the person next to me if they could help me find my section. Then the lady called on me...

All of a sudden, things change, I look towards the front and there's a huge wall-to-wall screen playing a video of going through a tunnel. Standing on top of the screen was someone who seemed to be Neo. Overlooking everyone. Fully dressed in a darker gabardine-like outfit and sunglasses. It wasn't very well lit up there. He spoke with a deep, slow, ominous voice.

I felt like we were living in a made-up reality and the video was the real matrix 5. Suddenly all sorts of matrix people showed up along the bottom of the screen and were doing all sorts of matrix moves hitting the screen. 😂 The tunnel kept getting faster and faster and I was totally in shock knowing something major was about to happen. The tunnel breaks through the screen and we quickly go through a series of realities were all the matrix people are fighting different things.

Neo, the matrix people and the super power people fade away and I am standing in a hilly, grassy country side. Simple dwellings nearby. Everything feels normal.


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