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Dream: Ex, DT Jr, Pelosi, Running Away

I've had four interesting dreams lately:

1) Yesterday I dreamt I was visiting my ex-girlfriend.

Today, I had the following three dreams. I dreamt a lot!

2) In the first dream, I'm next to Donald Trump Jr and we're looking up at a tall brick water tower. We see it's slowing starting to crack and crumble. The water tower is next to a river. We think it's going to fall over and flood everything. We look up over our left and at about 2 to 3 hundred feet, there's a hill that plateaus off and we head over there, clearing the tower falling down.

Note: I woke up early and stayed up for a little bit. I thought I'd research the Biden speech event from last night a little more. Then, near the event parking lot, I find out there's a brick column near a river with my ex-girlfriend's name on it! GPS 39.729135,-75.563623. The first two water tower pictures are from a place I had visited here in WA some time ago but that tower looked like the one in my dream, only it was about twice as tall in the dream. The other two pictures are the ones I found this morning.

I hadn't slept much and was getting sleepy so I went back to sleep and had the following two dreams. No synchronicities here though:

3) In one, I was outside a small church I believe and I walk out with Pelosi and she says something like, here let me help you and reaches her hand over my neck. Then I start feeling a needle prickling my neck. I think maybe she's trying to pin one of my neurons down and kill me and I quickly move her hand away. I grab the quarter inch needle with a plastic ball head she had and she leaves. I tell someone about it.

4) Next dream I had I was in a room and two people were coming out of boxes. One of them I remember I had beaten up in the past and kept in the box. Now they're trying to grab wooden sticks and beat me up and escape. I can't keep them in and leave. People find out about what I did and start to chase me. I run to a car in a parking lot and I pull out the key and leave. They keep tracking me. Eventually I start running on foot. I try to lose them in a small march of people. I go inside a building and go up the stairs. I'm tired. I go inside a storage room / hallway with lots of stuff and rest under a desk. Next thing I know, as I'm laying down there's a lady pointing down at me. They found me.


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