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Dream: Disclosure Campus, The Universe, A.I. and Time Traveling

I had a most incredible dream last night! I dreamt that a buddy of mine and I finally decide to join the disclosure movement that is run by Corey Goode and other folks. By this time they have a whole campus. We head over to the campus and Corey is standing outside with a group of people looking up at something.


We walk up to Corey and he instinctively knows we were there to join the cause. He doesn’t say anything at all but does nod at us and we know we’re accepted into the campus. The whole encounter felt like a sacred rite of passage.

My buddy and I stand with Corey and the others when all of a sudden I flash into another reality. I’m somewhere in outer space, standing on some kind of moon and Corey comes up to me. He says something very important. Then I flashed back to the campus reality where we’re all standing. That’s when I realized Corey was working in multiple levels.


Afterwards, Corey tells us, “We got the funding.” And shows us all sorts of different projects they have going on. We weren’t told what to do and we knew that when the time was right, we’d know how to contribute.

Then I have flashes of all sorts of different realities across the universe. Every possible creature you can imagine. So beautiful! Underwater, in outer space, in the sky, on the ground. I remember seeing a large centipede looking creature and not knowing if we were underwater or in outer space.

There’s a scene were I see a bunch of divers really excited discovering some underwater ruins. It’s all allowed to come out now and humanity is allowed to interact with all of creation. It was such a wonderful feeling! I remember feeling that even though I’ve had “boring” moments in my life, the universe was still happening all over!


After all those flashes, we’re back at the campus. Apparently, my buddy got real upset for some reason and decide to leave the campus.

We walk up to this 3 story glass building. At the bottom by the main door there’s a sculpture of a terminator type robot with one of its hands on top of a brain and the other hand holding the cerebral stem. I felt that it was supposed to represent a symbol of computing strength.

We walk around the building and one whole side of the building was a glass wall with live computer code in it. The code is green like the matrix and there are a few dozen green computer chips on the screen all laid out orderly in columns and rows. Corey tells me that they can’t figure out which one of the chips is the one they really need.

That’s when I realized that there was something I could do! I let Corey know I could code a chip into the panel and the other chips would naturally be curious about our chip. He gives me the go ahead and I code the chip in. Then all the other chips start walking slowly over to it. Then I zig zag the chip left and right and gradually upwards but only fast enough where the slow walking chips can’t get to my chip.

But then as I keep moving the chip, and exponential amount of chips keep feeding in from the bottom part of the panel until there’s too many and it breaks the computer. Then the artificial intelligence robot looking being on the panel finally ruptures out and screams, “I can’t take this any more!!” and the true evil personality of the a.i. is revealed. That’s when I realized what the sculpture was really about: the a.i. strangling and killing people.


So then a whole a.i. vs people war breaks out on the campus. We’re all given light guns that shoot out orb bullets. As a security measure, the campus perimeter melts down and creates a sort of moat. It seems like we’re winning.

Corey tells me that sometimes evil beings reach the planet by piggy-backing on comets. Then I see an image of the earth being split in two by comet. I go inside one of the buildings and every hall, every room is locked. I open one of the rooms and find more people hiding in a room.


Then I start time traveling all of a sudden. I look like a cowboy kind of guy back in time in an old town with dwellings built out of rock and dirt roads. It feels as I’m in a movie. I drive a volkswagen beetle on the town and see how two other beetles drive with me to film me.

Eventually I walk in front of this small dwelling and look inside and see more rocks. Across the dirt road from this dwelling is a small river. Apparently I’m supposed to write a message, put it in a box and put that inside the dwelling. The message is supposed to state that I’m from the future and apparently it’s of vital importance to the people who will discover it.


I then find myself in a the town’s plaza playing a beach ball volleyball game. The whole town is excited and is surrounding the plaza court cheering us on. Some people are even in the 2nd story balconies. We’re diving, rescuing the ball and doing all sorts of moves.

There’s a guy on our team who loves to hog the ball. He goes for one of my balls and I have to take the ball and pause the game. I scream out to the public and say, “We’ve got a problem here! We’re do you want [I forget what my teammates name was]? On the left side or the right side?” And I have the crowd decide what part of the court he can play. =D


Then a Barclay’s representative in his mid-twenties approaches the crowd. It feels like this town is part of England. Apparently England was kicking out Barclay’s bank. The representative says, “We’ll do anything! We agree to whatever terms you impose on us. Just let us be your bank!” Then the crowd looks over at David Icke who was also there and he says, “Not a chance!!” The crowd looks back at the representative and screams at him and his bank to leave.


My favorite part was seeing all of creation doing it’s thing! I felt so much freedom during that scene.

If you want to know more about Corey check out his websites over here:

Have you folks had any tripped out dreams recently? Leave a comment below!

Godspeed! ^_^*


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