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Dream: Digging Crystals

I had another crystal dream a few days ago... 💎⛏️ I was digging in my front yard for some reason and I come across some crystals. I was so excited 🥳 I dug around some more and saw even more. I started putting them in a bag.

So then I thought I would dig around the backyard first instead. So I went there and I was going to dig the whole place up 10 to 12 feet down. I kept finding all types of beautiful crystals. Different shapes. One looked like a 6 inch boomerang but it had small spikes on the inner curve and it was a beautiful dark with deep metallic purple.

Excited to find so many in the backyard. I thought I'd look for crystals elsewhere. I wanted to sell them later on. I walked 🏃‍♂️ over to a park with the couple of bags of crystals I had collected and a few other spare bags too. The park looked like a desert. Crossing the street was sand and dirt as far as the eye could see.

There was a little mound. I didn't expect to find anything. I knock down a little of the dirt on the side and find that there are lots of deep green crystal shards in there! 😱 This mound must be full of them!

Someone that I don't really get along with in real life comes over and was wondering what I was doing and when I tell her, she wants to go look for crystals too. I think of taking her to another place were there aren't that many crystals. When I look back at the mound, I couldn't see the crystals anymore, it was just dirt.


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