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Dream: Alps Climber

Last night I dreamt I drove from Germany to Sweden. The people were so friendly there. A young man welcomed me into his home were I met a famous Alps climber.

Even though the climber's room was all trashed, it felt like such an honor. Large tall man with a red jacket. I told him about my trip. He jokingly said, “Around these parts, we call that trip, 'going around the world.'” We continued to have a pleasant and intellectual conversation. I told him I had noticed the way the a certain periodic wind gust created a subtle whistling noise in Germany and he thought that was very keen of me. We chat for a good while. There was a bottle of liquor on the counter.

Next, I was in another room of the house. It was empty except for a very nice planetarium projector in the middle. I could see the stars slowly rotating all around. The room had an auroral purple hue to it. It felt so nice being there.


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