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Dream / Synchronicity: Sand Dunes and Crystals

This morning I dreamt I was digging for crystals near some sand dunes! It was so cool!

It felt like I was driving through Tacoma. I could see a body of water down the road. The road was sloping slightly down towards it. Off to my left I see this big sand dune with a little bit of desert plants on it here and there. I think the sand dune is so cool so I pull over.

I park and go outside. I look down and see a piece of obsidian glass on the ground the size of my fist. I think it's so cool and squat to pick it up. Then I look around and there are crystals everywhere! All scattered around in the sand.

Quartz, fluorite, amethyst, all sorts of different kinds. Nice ones too! So I'm just grabbing the ones I like. There are some people around me doing the same thing.

Down a little ways there's a small room. It's the store where I feel you pay for what you've found. They also have shelves with other interesting crystals and items. I walk through the store.

Synchronicity: About a week or two later I pick up a lady near Tacoma to take her to the airport. We had such a wonderful conversation! We talked about all sorts of things including crystals. She also recommended me to visit the sand dunes in Death Valley near Las Vegas, Nevada. Then it clicked. 😲 And I said something like... "This is going to sound really weird... but I had a dream recently about Tacoma, sand dunes and crystals."


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