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The Chakras Demystified
Insights from the Law of One
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Hello buddies! There's so much mystery and generalization about the chakras. So a few years ago I decided to take some time and study them through the Law of One and Living the Law of One books. This is what I found. I've tried to organize everything as neatly as I could. Enjoy! :)


Last updated on: July 28, 2016. Image: "Master of Chakra and Elements" by chunderella.



Our energy flows up from the root chakra. (LL pg119) The extent to which we open our red root chakra will determine the amount that will flow into our orange navel chakra. The energy that remains after going through the navel chakra, flows into the the yellow solar plexus chakra. Likewise, the energy that remains from the solar plexus chakra flows into the heart chakra. The throat and 3rd eye chakras can only become activated during the moments we attain heart chakra level energy flow. (LL pg242) In short, if the primary lower chakras are too constricted, there will be little to no energy flow that can make it up to the upper chakras. Overall, the energy flows depending on how we process Love at each chakra. :)



This is our basic physical vitality: sexuality (LL pg120) / survival (LL pg127) / the elements (LL pg122).
Check: Am I OK with being a sexual being and living on planet Earth? (LL pg134) How deep are my Earth roots?

Service-to-Others Applications:
Procreating and / or fostering life. Feeling that sexuality is natural. (LL pg125) Knowing that all supplies will be provided for. Feeling purpose, optimistic of life. "I was born from the Earth. I am of the Earth." (LL pg122)

Service-to Self Applications:
Feeling that "only my genes count" / "I am an object." Never-ending hoarding of supplies / money. "Survival of the fittest" outlook.

Feeling unworthy to have sex or have children. Feeling that any sexual activity is sinful. Worrying about making ends meet. Despair / hopelessness / suicidal thoughts. (LL pg128) Repulsion of the planet itself or being human.


Our love for people in general (casual friendships, strangers, animals, nature). (LL pg138)
Check: Do I treat others with respect?

Service-to-Others Applications:
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Every being is precious. Comfortable to dialogue with a stranger.

Service-to Self Applications:
Treating others as it suits your needs. Racism (hating certain people). Admiring elite. "Do you have something to add to my viewpoint?"


Judging others. (LL pg140) Racism (fearing certain people). Distractions (some video games and mainstream tv). (LL pg143) Shyness, apathy, conformity.


Our love for our "contractual" relationships (family, co-workers, roommates, life-long friends). (LL pg161)
Check: Have I found a personal balance with each of those in my group?

Service-to-Others Applications:
Promoting free will of the group. Team building activities.

Service-to Self Applications:
Accepting / establishing power hierarchy. Divide and conquer.

Dysfunctional relationships that go "nowhere." Group distraction activities (e.g. watching mainstream tv instead of playing board games). (LL pg141)


The outer heart chakra is where we face our shadow self. (LL pg188) Once we make peace with ourselves, we can share our Love for all Creation more openly.
Check: How can I transform my judgements about other people or judgements about myself into Love?

Service-to-Others Applications:
Self- acknowledgement / acceptance / forgiveness. "I am perfectly imperfect."

Service-to Self Applications:
None. Service-to-self apprentices completely block and skip this chakra. (LO 39.12)

Self denial / judgment. "I'm not good enough."


----------Transitioning from outer world to inner world is the "leap into faith." (LL pg201)----------




The inner heart chakra is our stepping into the oneness we share with all of creation.
Check: Does my love show wisdom or martyrdom? (LO 42.6)

Service-to-Others Applications:
Feeling love. Being love. Seeing everything as an act of love. Transcending our worldly thoughts into love. (LL pg208)

Service-to Self Applications:
None. Service-to-self apprentices completely block and skip this chakra. (LO 39.12)

Fear others will take advantage or control. (LO 32.14) Fear of rejection.


The throat chakra is our ability to express our higher self through what we say or create. The tuned word carries metaphysical power. (LL pg220)
Check: Am I speaking love/light? (LL pg220)

Service-to-Others Applications:
Communicating love of other-selves, unity. Speaking with honesty. (LL pg224) Listening from the heart. (LL pg229) Singing / listening to love and sacred songs. (LL pg222)

Service-to Self Applications:
Communicating worship of the self, separation. Speaking to deceive. Listening for the self. Singing / listening to hate songs.

Blocked / stagnant primary chakras. (LL pg108) "Blind" speaking / writing / listening merely for routine's sake.

The 3rd eye chakra is our strengthening into faith and our ability to manifest from there. (LO 3.9)
Check: how strong is your intent / faith (LL pg316)?

Service-to-Others Applications:
Any desires to seek God and our unity with creation.

Service-to Self Applications:
Any desires to increase power and separation.

Blocked / stagnant primary chakras (LL pg108), doubt (LL pg316), pineal gland calcification.


The crown chakra is our "energetic signature." A read-out of our entire energy body. (LO 54.30) A up-to-the-minute report on who we are. (LL pg246)



The art of balancing is the practice of bringing any event, however violent or irritating, into love. (LO 42.4) This can be done while the event is happening or through meditation/reflection/interaction afterwards. It is more beneficial to embrace the moment with love and wisdom rather than with love and martyrdom. Eventually all martyrdom must be resolved with wisdom anyways when graduating from 4th to 5th density (LO 42.6), so might as well do it along the way. Another possibility would be to provide a neutral response while the event is happening and reflect until a loving response imbued with wisdom is found. (LO 25.6)

Also note that the gateway to wisdom is through the heart and the higher energy centers. (LL pg108) In other words, it's best to enter into a space of loving intent first and then look for solutions from that perspective rather than to try to resolve the issue from the energy center from which it originates. (LL pg190) The more balancing is practiced, the easier it is to balance in the future because of the increasing polarity towards love. The more polarized we are, the stronger our spiritual magnet gets (LL pg56), the more energy we have to work with consciousness (LO 19.19), the more we can see and interact with intelligent infinity (LL pg242), the more we can understand what Love truly is.





The basic, non-emotional physical experience.


The orange-ray attempt to have sexual intercourse creates a blockage if only one entity vibrates in this area, thus causing the entity vibrating sexually in this area to have a never-ending appetite for this activity. What these vibratory levels are seeking is green-ray activity. (LO 26.38)


What's the solution for each of these entities? Forgiveness either from the self or other-self? A green ray relationship / interaction?




There is the possibility of orange- or yellow-ray energy transfer; this being polarizing towards the negative: one being seen as object rather than other-self; the other seeing itself as plunderer or master of the situation. (LO 26.38)


Why would someone want to be an object? Profit, amenities, security, etc. Why would someone want to plunder? Perhaps they were treated that way.




Beauty from the yellow-ray energy becomes a far more subtle and rich-textured thing, for within the yellow-ray energy lies mated relationship, and it is within the safety and intimacy of such continuing and prolonged relationships that those who become spiritually mature and are able to greatly to broaden and enhance their concept of beauty. The qualities of a mate can be imperfect in the extreme, and yet, over a period of time and the blessing of ever-lengthening shared history, the entities within the mated relationship become so over-drawn with the patina of loving and being loved that even the homeliest entity becomes perfectly itself and therefore beautiful because it is that person. And finally the leaden and heavy weight of physical opinion of beauty becomes that which can take off like the kite in the wind, soaring with the energy of the wind of love. (LL pg176)


What keeps people from going into green ray transfer? fear.


The green ray activation is always vulnerable to the yellow or orange ray of possession, this being largely yellow ray but often coming into orange ray. Fear of possession, desire for possession, fear of being possessed, and desire to be possessed: these are the distortions which will cause the deactivation of green ray energy transfer. (LO 32.14)


Note the main word: fear. Fear is what closes the relationship chakra.

The beliefs and behaviors are bizarre in any irrational sense. They are expressions of the fact that men in these cultures do not want to move into green-ray sexuality. They would prefer that their hearts not be involved. They fear being possessed. They would like lust to be simple and convenient and not result in entanglements. They have no desire to mature beyond red-ray and undeveloped orange-ray sexuality. (LL pg151)



If both vibrate in green ray there will be a mutually strengthening energy transfer, the negative or female, as you call it, drawing the energy from the roots of the being-ness through the energy centers, thus being physically revitalized; the positive, or male polarity, as it is deemed in your illusion, finding in its energy transfer an inspiration which satisfies and feeds the spirit portion of the body/mind/spirit complex, thus both being polarized and releasing the excess of that which each has in abundance by nature of intelligent energy, that is, negative/intuitive, positive/physical energies as you may call them. (LO 26.38)



The first giving beyond green ray is the giving of acceptance or freedom, thus allowing the recipient of blue-ray energy transfer the opportunity for a feeling of being accepted, thus freeing that other-self to express itself to the giver of this ray. It will be noted that once green ray energy transfer has been achieved by two mind/body/spirits in mating, the further rays are available without both entities having the necessity to progress equally. Thus a blue-ray vibrating entity or indigo-ray vibrating entity may share that energy with the green-ray other-self, thus acting as catalyst for the continued learn/teaching of the other-self. Until an other-self reaches green ray, such energy transfer through the rays is not possible. (LO 32.5)




An entity needs to be at least 95% greedy (that's 5% service-to-others) to graduate on the negative path or be more than 50% service-to-others to graduate on the positive path. (LO 17.31) Lying somewhere in between 5% and 50% service-to- others prolongs 3rd density. (LL pg65) The negative path flips over to love/light during sixth density. (LO 36.12) So there is no right or wrong path. We all make our way home eventually. ^_^





Both the Law of One and Living the Law of One are officially available for free online! Here are the links:
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This information helped demystify the chakras for me and helped me gain a deeper understanding of them. I hope this information brings you lots of Joy and Love too. ^_^ Message me any time if you have any comments / questions / suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Godspeed! :)

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