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Great Pyramid at Giza

Golden Ratio Pyramid

Russian Pyramid

Law of One Pyramid

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In the very least, they're wonderful pieces of art. They help infuse your spaces with a sense of wonder. ^_^


If you're into the metaphysics woowoo stuff (hold onto your foil hats), they help funnel healthy energy into our environment. Our Russian scientist buddies describe 8 sets of experiments they made in microbiology, material science and crude oil production among others in their "Unusual Effects Induced..." section on their website over here: http://gizapyramid.com/drv-article.htm :)


But hey! Don't take my word for it. Experience pyramid power yourself by trying out one of the "Energy Games" below. ={D


According to the Law of One (58.15 & 56.3) and Dewey Larson physics, the universe has complementary space-time and time-space realities. Our bodies live in space-time. Our thoughts, dreams and chakras live in time-space. Physical pyramids here in space-time work like funnels in time-space. These funnels help swirl "light" energy from time-space into our space-time in much the same way water drains from your bathtub when you unplug the drain.


We like to "charge" our water at home by placing our standard one gallon plastic water jugs under the pyramids. :) Apparently it takes about 2 days to completely charge the water. We're not sure how long the charge lasts so we just keep our jugs under the pyramids at all times.

We like to charge four jugs of water at a time in our 28" tall Golden Ratio foam board pyramid and we use 20" tall Golden Ratio foam board pyramids as charging "satellites." This way we always have a constant supply of pyramid water. ^_^


On a side note, we personally prefer distilled water because distilling water is a great way to remove fluoride, heavy metals and other impurities as well as increasing the water's oxygen content. This works simply because the distillers take advantage of the fact that water has a different boiling point than fluoride or the other chemicals. If you want even purer water, you can double distill the water. Save yourself some bucks, get yourself a distiller and stop paying for bottled water! They're available for $79 and $229 on Amazon. :)


#1 Place one of these pyramids on your head (no kkk or reptilectric puns intended =D ) and just sit still for ten or more minutes. You may feel a "tingling" sensation in your head, a little light headed or your head spinning slightly. It almost feels as if it's super charging your brain like the lemon juicer hat on "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy." ={D


#2 Place one of these pyramids under your seat or under your bed. Rest on your seat / bed for 10 to 30 minutes. You may feel a tingling sensation on your bottoms or somewhere on your body. See CAUTIONS below!


#3 Hold one of these pyramids so that the tip of the pyramid is pointing towards your forehead. Do this for 10 to 30 minutes. You may feel tingling sensations on your forehead. See CAUTIONS below!


Apparently, a pyramid's energy vortex gets stronger with age. If you don't feel anything at first, let your pyramid "mature" for four days and try again! :)



The Law of One Recommends aligning pyramids to magnetic North for greatest quantity of energy or to 20 degrees East of North for greatest quality of energy (59.23, more information here).



The Russian webpage states, "The metallic members in the construction and foundation are absent." The Law of one also recommends not to use metals (57.19, 58.14 & 66.24).



In terms of etheric funneling energy capability, there is no difference between a solid walled pyramid or a pyramid made with just four sticks coming to a point. However, if someone is to meditate inside of the pyramid, the Law of One does recommend a solid walled pyramid because it would help block distractions (58.13 & 58.16).




According to the Law of One, you run the risk of "over energizing" on pyramid energy when the pyramid is under you or pointing towards you for more than 30 minutes. This can lead to headaches and other types of discomfort. So please be mindful if you're in a multi-story dwelling or placing them under your resting places. Reference Law of One quotes 57.13, 57.20, 59.16, 66.22 & 66.27.


On the other hand, you can be around or beneath a pyramid for an indefinite amount of time. You can also be within a pyramid for an indefinite amount of time as long as the pyramid has a slope angle of 55 degrees or greater (that is an apex angle of 70 degrees or less).


This is because pyramids with a slope angle less than 55 degrees (like the Great Pyramid of Giza which has a slope angle of approximately 51.85 degrees) create what is called the "King's Chamber Effect." This is a special node of energy inside the pyramid where a "light doctor" can perform "light surgery" on the "light body" of a being within this node. If you can't discern individual "light streams" in your "light body" DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. You can seriously mess yourself up. Reference Law of One quotes quotes 56.3, 57.17 & 57.32.



Welcome to DIYselfer heaven. ^_^ Here's the math behind the Great Pyramid at Giza, Golden Ratio, Russian & Law of One pyramids!



p = height of the pyramid

w = length of the base of the pyramid

h = height of the face of the pyramid

e = long edge

θ = pyramid face slope angle

α = long edge slope angle

You can derive all of the formulas below by starting with these general formulas:

tan θ = p/(w/2)                       sin θ = p/h          cos θ = (w/2)/h

tan α = p/((w/2)*sqrt(2))        sin α = p/e         cos α = ((w/2)*sqrt(2))/e



GREAT PYRAMID AT GIZA (θ ≈ 51.853974°)

Given: w/p = pi/2. Reference the "Inerton Waves of the Earth" section at http://gizapyramid.com/drv-article.htm


tan θ = p / (w/2)

θ = atan( p / (w/2) ) = atan( w*(2/pi) / (w/2) ) = atan(4/pi) ≈ 51.853974°


h = p/sin(atan(4/pi)) ≈ p*1.271554

p = h*sin(atan(4/pi)) ≈ h*0.786439

h = w/(2*cos(atan(4/pi))) ≈ w*0.809497

w = h*2*cos(atan(4/pi)) ≈ h*1.235336

w = p*(pi/2) ≈ p*1.570796

p = w*(2/pi) ≈ w*0.636620

h = e*sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(4/pi))))) ≈ e*0.850790

e = h/sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(4/pi))))) ≈ h*1.175378

p = e*sin(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2))) ≈ e*0.669095

e = p/sin(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2))) ≈ p*1.494557

w = e*2*cos(atan(4/(pi*sqrt(2))))/sqrt(2) ≈ e*1.051011

e = w/(2*cos(atan(4/(pi*sqrt(2))))/sqrt(2)) ≈ w*0.951465

GOLDEN RATIO PYRAMID (θ ≈ 72.827962°)

Given: w = 1 and p = φ = (1+sqrt(5))/2. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio for golden ratio derivation.


tan θ = p/(w/2)= φ/(1/2)

θ = atan(φ/(1/2)) = atan( ((1+sqrt(5))/2) / (1/2)) = atan(1+sqrt(5)) ≈ 72.827962°

h = p/sin(atan(1+sqrt(5))) ≈ p*1.046657

p = h*sin(atan(1+sqrt(5))) ≈ h*0.955423

h = w/(2*cos(atan(1+sqrt(5)))) ≈ w*1.693527

w = h*2*cos(atan(1+sqrt(5))) ≈ h*0.590484

w = p*2/(1+sqrt(5)) ≈ p*0.618034

p = w/(2/(1+sqrt(5))) ≈ w*1.618034

h = e*sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(1+sqrt(5)))))) ≈ e*0.959073

e = h/sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(1+sqrt(5)))))) ≈ h*1.042673

p = e*sin(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2))) ≈ e*0.916320

e = p/sin(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2))) ≈ p*1.091322

w = e*2*cos(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2)))/sqrt(2) ≈ e*0.566317

e = w/(2*cos(atan((1+sqrt(5))/sqrt(2)))/sqrt(2)) ≈ w*1.765796



RUSSIAN PYRAMID (θ ≈ 76.097313°)

Given: p/w = 2.02. Reference the "Unusual Effects Induced By Models Of The Pyramid" section at http://gizapyramid.com/drv-article.htm


tan θ = p / (w/2) = (2.02w) / (w/2) = 4.04

θ = atan(4.04) ≈ 76.097313°


h = p/sin(atan(4.04)) ≈ p*1.030179

p = h*sin(atan(4.04)) ≈ h*0.970705

h = w/(2*cos(atan(4.04))) ≈ w*2.080961

w = h*2*cos(atan(4.04)) ≈ h*0.480547

w = p/2.02 ≈ p*0.495050

p = w*2.02 ≈ w*2.02

h = e*sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(4.04))))) ≈ e*0.972327

e = h/sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(4.04))))) ≈ h*1.028461

p = e*sin(atan(4.04/sqrt(2))) ≈ e*0.943843

e = p/sin(atan(4.04/sqrt(2))) ≈ p*1.059498

w = e*2*cos(atan(4.04/sqrt(2)))/sqrt(2) ≈ e*0.467249

e = w/(2*cos(atan(4.04/sqrt(2)))/sqrt(2)) ≈ w*2.140187


LAW OF ONE PYRAMID (θ ≈ 81.749613°)

Given: 4w = 1.16p. According to the Law of One 57.21 to 57.23.


tan θ = p / (w/2) = (4w/1.16) / (w/2) = (8/1.16)

θ = atan(8/1.16) = 81.749613°


h = p/sin(atan(8/1.16)) ≈ p*1.010458

p = h*sin(atan(8/1.16)) ≈ h*0.989650

h = w/(2*cos(atan(8/1.16))) ≈ w*3.484337

w = h*2*cos(atan(8/1.16)) ≈ h*0.286999

w = p/(4/1.16) ≈ p*0.29

p = w*(4/1.16) ≈ w*3.448276

h = e*sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(8/1.16))))) ≈ e*0.989860

e = h/sin(atan(1/(cos(atan(8/1.16))))) ≈ h*1.010244

p = e*sin(atan(8/(1.16*sqrt(2)))) ≈ e*0.979616

e = p/sin(atan(8/(1.16*sqrt(2)))) ≈ p*1.020809

w = e*2*cos(atan(8/(1.16*sqrt(2))))/sqrt(2) ≈ e*0.284089

e = w/(2*cos(atan(8/(1.16*sqrt(2))))/sqrt(2)) ≈ w*3.520029


This page will turn your inch or feet decimals into inch fractions. For example, if you're working in feet, enter "9.554226ft" without quotes on the space provided in the following page AND make sure to add the "ft" at the end. If you're working in inches, enter "9.554226in" WITH the "in" at the end. http://www.inchcalculator.com/inch-fraction-calculator


Check out these awesome $12 trimmers if you like cutting lots of paper :) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B003SLC3IU




Here are a few grains of salt from our guides. I don't have any other source to back up these claims. :)

No cracks: Make sure to cover all the pyramid "cracks" along the long edge of the pyramid because energy leaks through these places. When using tape, make sure to tape the entire long edge of the pyramids together so that the tape ends up on the outside of the pyramid. This guarantees the entire length of each long edge is sealed. When using thick materials (like foam boards, plastic boards, plywood, etc), make sure you 1) join the faces perfectly together (cut them at an angle), 2) fill in the long edge with some kind of material (like caulk), OR 3) cut the faces with flaps (when using plastic boards for example) and glue the flap from one face to the non-flap edge of the next face. Overall, you want solid long edges. Remember... the edges are the most important things! Reference the "Solid Wall vs Frame Only" section above.


Amplifier?: We were curious about putting paper pyramids in our attic. Our guides recommended to lay them out in 5 concentric circles, that 7 was a magical number (7 pyramids per circle?), and that if we somehow attach the apexes to each other (like a loop made out of straws, tubing or string), the energy will swirl up each pyramid and then swirl from one apex to another.


Meditation: We did a small meditation and envisioned an energetic Russian pyramid big enough to envelop our whole house lot. Our guides mentioned that that was a good thing to do and that they would continue working on this pyramid on the other side (time-space?).


Charging water: Apparently it takes 24 to 48 hours to charge water that is within a pyramid. Water that is used for ceremonial purposes may be charged for one lunar cycle. Having separate pyramids with different colors to charge waters for different purposes is a good idea. We got the impression that it's best to have the water within a pyramid at all times since we're not sure how long the charge lasts.


Dating Pyramids: Pyramids get stronger with age because their vortexes get stronger. It's a good idea to write on them the date they where built. It's ok to have new pyramids under 4ft tall on a floor below where you sleep because their effect on you will be minimal. However, as they get older you do eventually want to relocate them away from places that will have people stationary above them.




Season 21 Episode 2 (#159) @ http://www.gaia.com/show/wisdom-teachings-david-wilcock







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