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Why I switched to organic, non-gmo food cold turkey 😄🍗

-My Story

-How Glyphosate Works



-Shopping List

MY STORY I grew up eating Mexican sweet bread. It was one of the joys of my life. 😇 But then one day I ate a slice of pizza and it tore me up! I stopped eating wheat/gluten for over four years.

Until one day... a kind lady let me know... I was probably not sensitive to the gluten but rather to glyphosate, a chemical in present in GMO-wheat. And suggested I switched to organic, non-GMO food.

I saw the videos and information she sent me about GMO food and I was so shocked!! 😱🤯 (See Videos section below.)

I came to understand how glyphosate works and how GMOs cause bad digestion, depression, ADHD, liver disease all which were present in people I cared about. At first the thought of eating organic wheat bread scared me, but after learning about GMOs I was more confident about giving it a try.

I ate organic toast one day and I was fine the next day. That whole week we tried some kind of organic wheat each day: organic hot dogs, organic burgers, toast practically everyday... I was so shocked!! I was doing fine!! OH MY GOD 😭

I was doing so good I decided to eat a whole bowl of organic pasta another day. No problem whatsoever! I couldn't believe it! 😱 Night and day. I was even digesting better.


Glyphosate also causes cancer, allergies, deformities in babies, other organ failures, autism and so many other issues.

Glyphosate has two functions: it absorbs ("cancels out") minerals and it also mimics glysine which is a basic protein building block.

Minerals are a essential for your health. The bacteria in your gut ("microbiome") depend on minerals to work properly. When you eat gmo food, you're basically killing the bacteria in your gut which is one of the reasons why people digest so poorly, are unable to process certain foods like GMO wheat or suffer from malnutrition. Know someone in your family who takes a while going to the bathroom? 💩

Also, over 90% of the serotonin in your body is made in your gut with the help of your microbiome. Serotonin is one of the chemicals your body makes that helps you feel happy. So when you switch to organic, non-GMO food you will literally feel happier. 😊

Glyphosate is also almost identical to glysine. Your body makes all sorts of proteins and enzymes by connecting a series of "amino acids" into a chain. As the chain is built it naturally folds into it's 3D structure. However, when the body incorporates glyphosate by mistake into these chains instead of glysine, it causes the proteins and enzymes to not fold properly and so they lose their ability to function. Once an organ has a critical amount of deformed proteins and enzymes, it's unable to function properly which leads to organ failure.


Here are the videos which really helped me learn more about GMOs all compiled into this YouTube playlist:

-Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

-Engineered food and your health: the nutritional status of GMOs by Dr Thierry Vrain 2014.

-Food: Weapon of MASS Destruction by Dr. August Dunning 2017 and Ben Davidson 2016.

-Robyn O'Brien | TEDxAustin 2011

-Monsanto Makes Poison - Deep Science w/Dr. Seneff (MIT)

-Moment of Truth with Sherri Divband. This Needs to be Said


You can take all the vitamins in the world, but the BEST thing you can do for your health and the health of your loved ones is to switch to organic, non-GMO food. Costs more upfront but cheaper in the long run. YOU CAN DO IT!! Eat organic! Vote with your money!


Here's some of the stuff we usually get. Prices as of May 2023.


non-gmo beyond beef (slightly cheaper than Safeway)


organic wheat flour $2/lb link 2 $1.76/lb for pancakes and baking 😍

organic beans $2.99/lb (still looking in other stores)


organic beef $6.25/lb

organic chicken dogs

organic raviolis

organic eggs $3.84 / dozen

organic frozen veggies $1.91/lb

organic butter $2.82/lb

organic sweet potatoes $2.08/lb

organic cherry blueberry fruit spread $0.21/oz


Organic Masa Flour $3.98/lb Slightly less when bought locally. Tamales, quesadillas, home-made tortillas. 😍


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