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Musings: Friend's 4D Experience

At the time she was in her early 40s, christian and sincerely devoted to God. She would pray on her own for hours and really try to have that spiritual communion with God. She was soo in that vibe that she actually started going 4D!

This one time she was exiting her house with her son when all of a sudden she sees the most glorious and brilliant tall angel by the main door. She fell to her knees and just looked at him. Her son who was beside her did not see the angel.

She also never talks about this, but she would also sense spirits that were not so friendly but she was so in the vibe that they would just go away with her loving prayers.

I was so fascinated by her story and this is what sold me... She said that when she was in that vibe, everything was different.

She would be in this waking life going about her day and the atmosphere itself would glitter (which is a recurring theme in astral projections). She felt her aura emanating all around her. When she would look at a person, she would just get stuck not being able to describe it and by the facial expression she made, I knew she was seeing that hyper reality of superpositions of probabilities.

That was so very beautiful of her sharing that with me. I wish I could be in that vibe all the time. (^_^;


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