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Dream: Victorian Lad

​I had a beautiful dream after having that scary experience I mentioned in my previous post.​

I was floating inside a gorgeous victorian mansion. I try to look around and move but then the dream resets. That's when I felt I could only be an observer in this dream. It was almost as if I were watching a movie.

So I'm back in the beginning, floating inside this victorian house noticing all the ceramic accents on the wall, when this kid comes running in and throws something that sets the whole house on fire.

My "screen" follows the kid outside. Runs through the grass and eventually ends up in a working class neighboorhood. Everyone is so happy, buzzling around. Wooden tables here and there. A nice canopy. Well kept earthen floor. The men wearing their khakis and some with their newsboy style hats. The women in their plain long dresses.

The kids then show me around. I see this man that looks like Thomas Kretschmann and I eventually figure he's my dad. The kids take me to a stage performance inside a small dark room. Afterwards we head out to what looks like a communal cafeteria.

All the kids are sooo happy to see me! They're all very welcoming. Their faces are soo gorgeous. Beautiful eyes and eyebrows, and their faces are soo smooth. I was comfortable enough in the dream then that I started talking to them.

I ask them if they're my siblings. But they said they weren't but the Kretschmann guy was definitely my dad.

I don't remember much afterwards but I do remember I had another dream where I was in an elementary style classroom. I had a big and heavy backpack and class had just ended. I was apparently studying lucid dreaming and was going to ditch school because I felt there wasn't anything else I could learn from this teacher.

This other kid and I take off. Then there are people out and about looking for us. I remember seeing this big spaceship the size of about 3 boeing airplanes come down and a whole squad is deployed looking for us. We try to hide in between the classrooms then I have the feeling that somehow we were able to down the ship.

I had another sliver of a dream but the victorian one was the most memorable! ^_^ I miss them already.


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