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Dream: The Return of the Ancient Egyptian Queen...

We were an intergalactic civilization somewhere in the galaxy with many planets and locations but we were under attack. And we didn't know from who. It was crippling the entire nation. We were in a state of war and we weren't able to communicate and coordinate very well.

I was an assistant to the Queen and her bodyguard. We were desperately trying to stay alive while at the same time trying to figure out some kind of strategy. Bombs going off seemingly randomly. She had a way of keeping herself together, very diplomatic and didn't mind acting out of protocol to do what was necessary.

Eventually we made it to a ship and jumped into hyperspace and at some point she realized we were close to Earth and that they could have some helpful resources. Earth was also part of this civilization. So we dropped down and landed and started walking towards a fancy restaurant.

We didn't have any Earth money but I knew the people were going to recognize her right away. 😲 She kind of looked liked Nerfertiti so I felt the people were going to think it was the return of an Ancient Egyptian queen.

We're going down a hallway, I run up further ahead and get in touch with the restaurant staff then another staff member runs past the Queen and everyone is trying to get this place ready for her.

She's going to take a quick rinse and keeps walking down the hall towards the shower with only a large towel on. I see her bodyguard pin a guy to a wall, grabs a bag the guy had, and the bodyguard is about to shoot the Queen in the back from a few feet away! I pounce on the bodyguard and disarm him and arrest him.

The Queen and I realized the bodyguard was going to try to frame the guy he pinned as the one who tried to shoot her. And at that moment we also realized which cities / satellites must be the cause of the self-sabotage of our civilization. So she was going to arrest all these places en masse.


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