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Dream: Noah's Ark

We were in the middle east... Taking a bus through the desert. We stopped at a basketball court. My brother and I against you and someone else. We played just a little bit then sat down at an outdoor restaurant that was right next to the court with a nice view of the hilly desert all around.

I was so excited to tell everyone there including you about a tiktok video I had recently watched [in real life] where they found compelling evidence for the discovery of Noah's ark. You pronounced the name of the region where the discovery was made and it sounded like a Russian name and in the dream I knew that was the name. I thought it was so cool that you had heard about it too. 😲😍

I didn't get to share everything about it before we parted but we came back to the same restaurant the next day.

It was so nice seeing you. 😊 I felt so good I slept in a little longer.


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