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Dream: Meeting My Future Self...

I had a cool dream this morning. :) I dreamt I met my good looking future self preaching on the street. I got him hooked up with a news broadcaster I saw around the corner. As I went about my usual lifestyle, somehow our timelines started to converge...

Eventually I saw him one evening outside a bar. He said that later that night, I would get my teeth punched out and he would kill two CIA agents and flee. Then I found myself outside the bar after everything had happened. My future self's girlfriend was across the street. She was a damsel in distress... ^_^

Our eyes met and we fell in love. We were tired of our whole lives so we went out to sea. We dove in and swam into a sunken boat... we then found ourselves floating in the water towards the ceiling of a nice bedroom and decided we'd stay there for the rest of our lives... (^_^;


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