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Dream: Galactic Agent

last night I dreamt I was recruited as an agent against galactic terrorists.

a black van pulled up next to me, inside I saw about 10 other people of all ages, some of the people I knew. it seemed like they had a high turn over rate. they gave us a training on advanced tech weapons we'd be using including a ring with four symbols. turning the ring to one symbol would launch a rocket to our target. then we got debriefed on the terrorists. one in particular was a system of about a dozen galaxies lined up next to each other in a long cross formation with two levels. everyone there worked in sync with each other for one purpose and didn't waste any resources. everything was great about it until it was revealed to us that one of the historians skewed the history of the people, affecting those people fundamentally. then I find myself fighting a super terrorist on earth in a freeway tunnel. I launch a rocket at him but nothing happens to him. eventually he defeats me and takes my ring. next thing I know, I'm walking another agent to their apartment and giving him words of caution. overall, the defeating part didn't feel great but I'm glad the dream continued. ^_^*

image: "Pokemon: Cyrus" by Jasqreate

#dreams #parallellives

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