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Some of the highest vibing material on the planet. Messages from higher density beings.

Law of One (channeled by a group of three including Don Elkins a physics professor)
Telepathic Meditation Transcripts (
almost 50 years worth of transcripts)


David Wilcock

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David is a genius. He decodes the Mayan calendar and provides lots of scientific research describing an intelligent and conscious Universe in his book "Source Field Investigations." He explains the timeline parallels of the Roman Empire and the United States in his book "The Synchronicity Key." He shares with us his personal journey with stopping the wheel of karma in "Ascension Mysteries." And how to unlock the symbology in our dreams and better connect with our "Inner Being" in his upcoming book "Awakening in the Dream."

He has a knack for seeing the "big picture." He is socially active and explains how humanity is currently freeing itself from the "Deep State" as we enter into our Golden Age.

His site has "...thousands of free pages of scientific and spiritual information about soul growth, Ascension and the evolution of consciousness." (Excerpt from his Bio page.)


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Emotional guru. Learn all about how to come into balance with your emotions. The best relationship advice I've come across.

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