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ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS ⋆。゚☁︎。⋆。 ゚☾ ゚。・゚:* *:・゚

Links to the best information I've found on Ancient Egypt and other civilizations! 😍 🙏 🌌 Know of any other really awesome documentaries, podcasts, articles, etc? Comments, questions, suggestions? Send me a message by clicking on the contact button above!

01 egypt mystery of the sphinx.jpg

Mystery of the Sphinx (1993)

Documentary featuring John Anthony West and Dr. Robert Schoch. Included with Amazon Prime. Link 2. Link 3.

02 egypt secrets of the pyramids and the sphinx.jpg

Secrets of the Pyramids and the Sphinx (1995)

Documentary featuring John Anthony West, Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval. Link 2. Link 3.

03 egypt magical ja west.jpeg

Magical Egypt (2001)

Documentary Series featuring John Anthony West. First Episode Free on Youtube - On Roku 3 Seasons for $70/year - DVDs - Online Streams - Main Site

ancient apocalypse graham hancock.jpeg

Ancient Apocalypse (2022)

Documentary featuring Graham Hancock that overviews ancient civilizations from around the world. Trailer.

04 egypt ja west joe rogan 226.jpg
05 egypt ja west joe rogan 852.jpg
06 egypt joe rogan robert schoch.jpg
07 egypt portal to ascension robert schoch.jpg
08 egypt robert schoch forgotten civilization.jpg

"Forgotten Civilization" 2012/2021 Audiobook by Dr. Robert Schoch (Paperback)

09 egypt robert schoch origins of the sphinx.jpg

"Origins of the Sphinx" 2017 Audiobook by Dr. Robert Schoch (Paperback)

10 egypt mehit robert schoch.jpg
edgar cayce.png
11 egypt schoch_sphinx_overview_with_water_illustration.jpg
12 egypt schoch_gobekle_tepe_overview_to_south_with_orion.jpg
13 egypt robert schoch mud walls.jpg
14 egypt schoch_west_sphinx_2016.jpg
15 egypt Schoch_GizaPlateau_SolarOutburstEvidence.jpg
egypt Robert-Schoch-by-Catherine-Ulissey-2943941506.jpg
joe rogan ultimate.jpeg
egypt earth ancients.jpeg
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