DREAM: Strange love resurfaced

had a weird dream last night, I dreamt I was working for my ex-boss again and he found the love of his many lives but... in this life she was a whale with the face of a person! :o

you could tell the whale was in distress. the government caged up the whale in a secure facility with a tank and where going to kill it. I or some other agent told the government boss that we could also reverse engineer technology from the whale (?) (that way my boss could also care for it). I felt in one scene that we where in another planet and our shop was in this barren land with a small sharp red mountain next to us and we where also next to the sea. then I remember I had bought a small one person underwater vehicle that looked like those plastic things people put a rack on top of their cars for extra storage space and was made with two halves with a propeller on the bottom back and two windows on the front. while I was at work, I was cleaning all the parts so that my boss could go underwater and see the whale. one of the last scenes, we were in that sea walking on the sea floor when a ninja turtle comes up to me and says, "quick! give me a shark costume!" so I give him a costume that was somehow next to me and he puts it on and you see his legs as he's running off then at about 2 to 3 hundred feet a HUGE shark like 20 times his size and him are fighting.

image: "Thalassophobia ~ Out of the darkness" by InspectorFluff

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