DREAM: Flying Through Space

holy smokes! had a tripped out dream last night about flying through space!

At first I was in my balcony seeing the starry sky. And somehow, I was able to see the constellation figures appearing as I looked around. I also saw some tiny galaxies here and there. Then I started seeing a group of lights flying around in a weird way far away in the horizon.

Then all of a sudden, as I relaxed my vision into those lights, the space in front of me started "tunneling" until I flew right into space. I saw what seemed to be the "universe code" which looked like glowing neon Chinese characters with numbers embedded in them, overlaying on top of everything around me.

Then I flew towards and past the sun. Then further away until I saw the moon and earth pass in front of me.

I knew that if I kept going I was going to see Jupiter and Saturn and the thought of it scared me a little bit so I woke up! Darn!! What a trip!! Everything was so beautiful and colorful. ^_^*


image 1 sky background from Night Sky ios app by iCandi Apps

image 2 space background by Lyshastra on DeviantArt

person's back clipart from clker

flared star from vectorhq

minor edits with Gimp and put together using LibreOffice Impress



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