Funny Astral Projection XD

had another astral projection! it was real funny! I was on my recliner, half meditating half sleeping when all of a sudden I feel my legs and my arms sloshing left and right. =D =D =D

holy smokes! that took me really off guard! I wondered if it was really an astral projection or if I was really doing that. and so I'd open my eyes every once in a while and I'd be resting just normally on the recliner. so it was an astral projection!

after sloshing back and forth like that for a while, eventually I up and floated towards the ceiling like a hot air balloon. it wasn't very easy for me to push through and so I pushed through the window instead and knock the screen off.

then I was flying over this very green landscape with lots of hills and grass. then, when that was fading away I ended up somewhere near our real neighborhood and I flew east towards the mountains and I saw the cars and everything on the street.

then I found my self back in the bedroom but this time it was bigger. my sister was apparently visiting and had four of her cats in the bedroom with me. one of the cats was a tuxedo cat and was playing with one of our kitties.

eventually, I really woke up and ended up in our regular room.

there where several moments when I wondered if I should keep the projection going but every time I did decide to go through with it. it was so much fun! =D


apparently, all you need to have a projection is:

1. Rest back on a recliner, half meditating, half asleep

2. Keep your body still for about 45mins

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