MUSINGS: Manifesting Your Dreams

What if the action of drinking in one moment, is manifesting the reality of being drunk at another moment, and both moments are happening >>at the same time<<.

So one focusing exercise, for example, would be holding a 9 to 5 job. And the intention there might be to “make a living.” Okay, so all those times you’re “living,” away from your job, arise in tandem with your ability to focus while you work.

But what if… you can have layers of focusing?

On the physical layer, you’re working.

On the mental layer, you’re may be keeping a positive and optimistic attitude.

Each layer is helping manifest a composite reality.

One reality is manifesting your physical reward and the other is manifesting your happiness.

If your physical layer is connected to your mental layer, and you don’t like your job, then you may not be so happy. But what if… you “pretend” to be happy about your job? What if you use your upbeat mentality to push back on your physical layer?

Eventually, you might…

→ end up really loving your job. =D

→ have an idea pop into your mind about something you can do differently in your physical layer.

By keeping a positive mental layer as long as you can throughout your day, you’re also literally giving birth to lots of other moments of Joy and intuitions.

What if the speed at which your goal becomes a reality is not only determined by your amount of focus at the present moment, but also largely by how well your physical and your mental layers work *with each other.*

Maybe that’s what successful people have figured out.

What if your “ideal” job is not what your conscious mind thinks it is? What if your ideal partner is not what your conscious mind thinks they are? What if they Universe has an ideal job and an ideal partner that is way beyond what you can imagine? How can you tune into that?

Changing jobs might not be as easy as changing your perspective/attitude.

Change your perspective, change your life.

If you don’t love your job, pretend to Love it. SET a stepping stone that you *can* reach by using your current job. Once you get to that stepping stone, use the current perspective in THAT moment to set another stepping stone. Don’t set ALL the stepping stones when you begin. A vague overall picture and a very clear next stepping stone is great. Allow the Universe to reveal a magical adventure to you.

Continue setting those stepping stones until you reach your Bliss.

Godspeed! ^_^

image: "Stepping stones..." by Owen Robertson



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