DREAM: Divine Intervention and Astral Body

I was in church, seated all the way at the front on the left. When all of a sudden, an angelic red orb appears at about 9ft off the ground in the small walkway in front of the altar on the right side. This orb started getting bigger and bigger as it went down towards the floor and was leaving echoes of itself as it was going down. It finally looked like a transparent image of a figure but I couldn't discern arms, legs or any feature.

I felt like, "oh my God this is a divine intervention." I immediately fell down on my knees, brought my hands together in prayer mode and bowed my head.

Next thing I know, I'm in a totally different scene. I'm in my room laying down floating about a foot off the floor. It's night time and it's dark. I could feel there was someone in the room and they started stretching my astral body. My astral body usually feels very stretchy, like gumby, ={D and almost as if it's made out of water.

So this being keeps going around me and stretching my legs and arms in a 45 degree angle from the floor as he's going around and around. I felt like he was prepping me for something. I was thinking, "oh my God it's happening, I'm going to shoot straight up and they're finally going to ask me, 'Do you want to know who you where, who you are and who you're going to be?' "

I was a little apprehensive at first but very quickly I felt this was something I needed to do. So I just let the other being continue to stretch my astral body and just waited for things to unfold.

Next thing I know, I didn't shoot up. I'm in an auditorium and I'm with the same being, but we're in our regular bodies and I can see him clearly. It's day time. He's a familiar and well known tennis player but couldn't quite think of the name. I recognized him but wasn't really sure about why it was him who showed up. He said, "I play tennis but I actually also do astral work as a hobby." Random! ={D

Then I start dreaming all sorts of random things. Just enjoying the weekend, going out with my buddies to a carnival, bumping into some cousins and sleeping in.

The first couple parts of my dream were definitely bizarre and thought I should write it up. :)

image: Reinhold Behringer's "In Valeria Castle Church" https://www.flickr.com/photos/reinholdbehringer/5086756088/

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