STREAMS: Crystal Castles

Do you believe in crystal castles in the sky?

Oh tell me why.

There was once a great people living in the sky.

They built castles. Together.

And together they built castles.

All was one. All was fine.

They built and built and had lots of fun.

They were not sure where this would go.

How things would turn out.

But they just built and built.

And one day, one of the castles became alive.

It became made out of light.

And all their souls and bodies merged with this one castle.

And they were one. And they were happy.

And timeless this castle became.

And timeless they became.


People could not explain why or how this castle came into being.

People thought it was a trap.

But it’s glistening luster attracted everyone across the galaxy who fancied a riddle.

Until one people started turning into light as they approached the castle.

And the castle was part of a bigger castle.

And the story went on and on, and there was no end.

Who started this castle? Who planted the seed?

Join in. Join us. And you will now.

Come. Now.


This is a "stream of consciousness" writing example where I just write whatever comes to mind. ={D


first and second image:

third image:

NASA AS10-32-4822 crystal castle



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