Dream: Powerful Marching Meditation

Last night I dreamt I went to a powerful marching meditation that was happening across many cities and echoed across multiple dimensions. I arrived 15mins late. Everyone was dressed up. There was loud marching music. I fall into rank and march with everyone else. We're all marching at the same step, kicking our feet up as we go. We're all supposed to visualize we're marching towards Washington D.C. as we go even though we're on some city on the west coast. Things start getting psychedelic. The person in front of me seems to get really large then shrink really small then keeps doing that several times. I loose track of which of the persons I am. All of a sudden, I resonate into another reality. Everyone is running around in slow motion real happy on a basketball court. I'm hugging and picking up a kid in my arms. Not sure if it was a glimpse into the future. The march is over and all realities collapse back.

image: http://www.bbc.com/news/35887624



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