Dream: Super lightning storm and city in the sky

About 2 to 3 weeks ago I dreamt of a huge rain and lightning storm. I had never seen so much lightning in my life. The lightning strikes were almost nonstop. The rain was so intense that at the distance I could see a whole waterfall in the sky(!) where the water was pouring down in sheets. ={D

And around the waterfall I could see a sort of town around it with lots of grass and people walking around. Almost like seeing through a portal in the sky.

Being in such a strong lighting storm was real intense experience for me. I just got under a car garage and watched the storm. Awstruck. :o

Then our meetup group gets together yesterday to watch the latest cosmicdisclosure.com and wisdomteachings.com episodes and lo and behold... David talks about people seeing cities in the sky in real life! :)



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