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Holy smokes! With all these changes happening every day, how in the world are we supposed to hold on to reality? Here are 7 ways how I have “fun” with it! ={D

feeding seagulls straight from our hands at the beach!

Keep it simple (added July 17, 2016)

There really is no need to complicate things. ={D Just love one another. That's ALL it takes. As long as you are doing something kind for someone, you're on the right track AND you're helping yourself open up to love and peace along the way. I also find the following guiding principles real helpful:

Blue Avian Message

[Every day focus on becoming more “Service To Others” oriented. Focus on being more “Loving” and “Focus on raising your Vibrational and Consciousness Level” and to learn to “Forgive Yourself and Others” (Thus “Releasing Karma”). This will change the Vibration of the Planet, The “Shared Consciousness of Humanity” and “Change Humanity One Person at a time” (Even if that “One Person” is yourself.). They say to treat your body as a temple and change over to a “Higher Vibrational Diet” to aid in the other changes.] More info here:


"Follow your highest excitement with no insistence on the outcome." I love this one. It basically says... follow your Joy! Bashar says all joy is connected... one happy moment will lead you into the next. That following your joy is in essence channeling your higher self. And following that path can lead you into wonders you've never even dreamed of! Often times we're very judgemental about ourselves. We don't do what's fun for fear of what others might think about us. So if you're not hurting anybody, heck! shake that tail feather and let your wild side roar!

"You believe in what you create." -A Course in Miracles

Sometimes the mind goes on a runaway fear spiral thinking about all the bad stuff that can happen.

In other words, the number one rule is to stay calm. :) There is no use in thinking about all the negative possibilities because that just takes you into a negative spiral. Stay calm, breathe and bless the moment. We've actually got soo much experience jumping through realities! Every time we go to sleep and have a dream, all the numerous incarnations / parallel / past lifes we have, zoning out throughout the day... we are troopers! We've done this many times. Just be honest with your self in whatever reality you may be. =D Let your environment sort itself out around you.

"Giving thanks is your greatest form of protection." -The Law of One

Giving thanks raises your vibrational frequency. Try forcibly smiling when you are upset or feeling down and see how that simple act actually does make you feel better! The more you give thanks throughout your day, the more you'll see the beauty that's around you. It just keeps getting better and better!

Looping an uplifting / spiritual song

What a better way to kill time than by looping a beautiful song in your mind? If your mind goes on a crazy run away negative spiral, break the pattern before it turns out into an anxiety / panic attack. Some of my favorite tunes are "El Espiritu de Dios Esta Aquí," "Ave Maria," and "Amazing Grace" to name a few. :) O:)

“Accepting that reality is unpredictable.”

This is straight up wisdom from my counselor / guide. My interpretation of this is that accepting that also means I accept miracles and that I know that I’m bound to bump into mean people (and that’s normal). =D The real question my counselor said was, will I be a voluntary (loving / conscientious) participant or an involuntary (ego / reacting) participant. To help me out with that, I’m going to manifest a wristband with symbols I can look at during those split seconds (coming soon! :).

Take a deep breath………………….... Anything is possible. It’s okay. How I react / behave determines who I am, not who they are. I don’t need to change people because I appreciate people not trying to change me. There’s the Golden Rule again! =D

I AM presence

I spoke to my counselor / guide about this. I stated that I wanted to find "something" I could hold on to while reality changes around me. So she pointed me to look into the concept of the I AM presence.

Essentially, God's grace is the only thing that lasts forever. Everything else is bound to change. Believing things (like your house, your material possessions, your body, etc) to be permanent when they are not will lead to a world of stress when faced with impermanence. She called it "misplacing belief."

We are spiritual children

She also mentioned how the conscious mind is tiny little part of the overall self. It is inherently unable to comprehend the "Big Picture." She compared the conscious mind to a child playing around. Sometimes we've got to acknowledge that we can't fit it all in our minds and just trust our Spirit and go with the flow! =D The “veil” is an awesome game!

And best of all, making friends!!

Omg, I can’t tell you how much fun (and scary) it’s been! But having friends also aligned with JOY is a HUUUGE help! They’re always there to support me emotionally and we create environments where we can step out of our comfort zones. SO MUCH FUN. =D

Remember, you are not alone. We're in this together!!! Find someone to talk to. What helps you cope with anxiety/stress? Let us know! Sharing is caring. ^_^



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