MUSINGS: Embracing or Discarding the Self?

Okay, so there’s all this talk about the ego, and how we need to be selfless, and monks out in Tibet who meditate about losing the “self.” And I’m back here, with my mind all tangled up… should I be “selfless” or am I somehow service-to-others by being “selfish” and following my highest excitement?

It’s a mess I know. =D

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In my mind I’m thinking… “the Universe is God’s way of experiencing itself” and that “we all make it back to God eventually.” So what do we really contribute? Perhaps, our gift is our particular path back to oneness. Our individual experience. :)

How is it then that we trace our path? What guides us moment to moment every day? What is that part of us that decides to step up to the plate and experience something new? Our “Higher Self,” our “Spirit,” the personalities we’re “born” with, our “Soul?” What if these were all synonyms for something much simpler… our curiosity. =D

“Ironically” my curiosity led me to this book “No Self, No Problem” by Anam Thubten. There’s a lot of wisdom to be had from this book. The gist of it is, the more we let go of this sense of Self, the less pain we’ll have. Self is an illusion and holding onto something that isn’t real will lead to a lot pain. He gives an example of a monk who has a back “problem” but who accepts his physical condition and lives in happiness anyways.

But that leaves me in this “apparent” paradox… should I renounce my “ego,” my sense of self… my curiosity? Why do we live in this illusion in the first place?

My conclusion is that each illusion gives us an even greater range of experience. To name a few illusions: the “ego,” the material world, the “veil.” In that sense, these illusions aren’t bad, they just make our playground even bigger!

And why play games we’re not excited about? I still love this game though. =D I love all secret space stuff that’s coming out. I love falling in love in a lucid dream remembering my “past” / “parallel” lives. I think it’s lots of fun!

I’m thinking perhaps our monk buddies have already had all the fun they could in our set of games. Perhaps in this lifetime they devote a lot of time meditating because they’re on their way to play another game.

Perhaps, someday I’ll be there too. But not today! It only takes >50% service-to-others to graduate to 4D. =D Onto miracles, healings and re-shaping reality!

image: "The Goal-Keeper monk" by Sukanto Debnath

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