OBE: Visiting the Purgatory :o

Something suuuper weird and scary happened to me last night. :o

I woke up in the middle of the night and, when I went back to sleep, I started practicing my lucid dreaming / dream awareness technique. I usually go into having a dream or astral projection but this time... I got stuck in between for a bit and heard what sounded like the purgatory. :o

I heard thousands and thousands of voices all the same time. Not loud, just audible and a lot of them. Overall, it sounded like helplessness and lamentation. I didn't want to focus on any particular voice because I didn't want to get caught up in that space. But then I distinctly heard one voice say, "Your soul."

I kind of freaked out. To top things off, I felt like I was in sleep paralysis so I didn't try moving. I started praying to God and Jesus and kept stating all the things I was thankful for in my life.

After a while the sounds went away and then I started feeling the lucid dreaming / astral projection body symptoms. I was very thankful I was over the hill. :) Keeping the mind awake and experiencing the body go to sleep is one of the most bizarre experiences ever. However, most people knock out when they go to sleep.

By this time I was in complete trust of the process as I have experienced this several times. I started feeling the weightlessness. My dream body (not my actual body) arms and legs just floating around in space. Then I started feeling the take off, my whole dream body started to shift around in my room, my consciousness expanding and contracting.

But I was lingering longer than usual. I usually let my body naturally flow into a dream / projection, but sometimes I do have to trigger the dream state. So I started focusing on the fuzzy light you see when you close your eyes and I went into a super awesome and beautiful dream afterwards. ^_^ I'll write about that one on my next post.

image: Fathom Events - Linkin Park One Night Concert Event Recorded Live In Berlin

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