MUSINGS: Everything is Alive

Trolltunga 1 by B.D. Coller 2014.jpg

I was tossing the idea that everything is alive... the air, the trees, and even the rubber in our cars... everything! Then I started pondering how is it that the ancients were able to speak to the stone to build the great monuments.

Then I thought about the way we comunicate with house pets. Then it ocurred to me that there is a language common to all things... a language that everybody understands... and that language is Love.

I've slowly been trying to become aware of this relationship. When I roll down my windows and I'm on the road, I feel the spirit in the air caressing my face. I realize that everything everywhere is in service to each other.

Our cars are happy to take us around. The trees are happy to provide us oxygen. The rice is happy to give us sustanance. And in the same way, we are of service to all Creation. We're all just here to help each other out. That's all we do!

image: Trolltunga 1 by B.D. Coller 2014

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