Lucid Dream: Corporal and Spiritual Ecstasy

I slept for 17 hours... and I experienced a corporal and spiritual ecstasy. :o

if anything... it was a really odd dream. I was in what seemed to be a catechism class. learning about catholiscm and reviewing the prayers and history. I had it all written down in my old notebook. there were about 20 or 30 of us.

the lady teaching had an assistant. during the study, the assistant for some reason showed us how to levitate in a yoga position. (this is the second time I levitate in a yoga position in my dreams this week). she would be standing, then folded one leg upwards, and then folded the second leg without falling. it took me a few tries to get it right!

after the class, the teacher asked me for my opinion. she said if recalling the name of who said a certain thing was a good question for the exam, to which I replied if we were going to be tested on memorizing or on understanding concepts. i felt she preferred the latter.

then we sit down together across from each other and asks me how I've been all these years, what was I up to now? I let her know I've been doing good and that I'm now into lucid dreaming. all you have to do is wake up at five... I mean, go to sleep 4-5 hours, wake up and go back to sleep. it's almost as if I have a whole different life when I go to sleep. (I find this odd because I'm speaking to this lady as if I were awake in real life and telling her I'm into lucid dreaming while I'm having a dream!)

I tell her a few of the lucid dreams I've had and she thought she really needed to share it with the class who was still hanging around. She said as she stood up, "only buddhists can understand what is happening to this man..."

this is where things get REAL trippy. she was about to talk to the class about me or introduce me so that I could talk to them but then this girl in the class starts having some sort of seizure. the lady pins the girl down on the side of her neck by pressing on an energy spot, the girl falls down to the floor and we all hear the thump of her head hitting the ground. I'm standing next to them seeing it all happen when IT happens...

all of a sudden I feel as if an energy grenade explodes next to me. I'm able to feel my golden energy body within fire up while at the same time I'm mentally receiving all sorts of epiphanies. it was a corporal and spiritual ecstasy all the same time.

at that moment, I understood that no physical object was real, the only things that were real were the ideas and concepts and understandings that we all had. then everybody and their mannerism flashed through me, some people putting on earings, other a certain set of clothes... it's not about the objects that we surround ourselves with... it's the way we use those objects to alter our mindset.

the second thing I "understood" were the shadows. i was blasted with energy soo hard that I saw my shadows separating from my body. this is when I understood that our shadows aren't real, they're artificial. the part of ourselves were we don't let the love in, the part of ourselves that we don't accept casts a shadow. once we understand our shadows and let the light flow in through these parts, our love output, our radiance light up even more. in otherwords, it's our own shadows that keep us from our true potential.

somehow I felt this experience was an important event, a checkpoint in my spiritual journey. I went back to sleep in case I experienced a double like have in the past but only had random dreams, though somewhat symbolic.

image: Johanna Koster

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