MUSINGS: Uplifting Stranger


"We don't have the luxury to be depressed." I pick up this guy, who looks JUST like Leonardo Dicaprio, to give him a ride and he starts sharing with me the most uplifting and heartfelt words I've heard in a long while.

"This is probably the only time we'll ever meet. There are 15 million people living in this city right now. Every moment is a chance you have to make someone's day better so that perhaps your children and their children, our families, can live in a better place."

"Tell me something... Can you go to China and become Chinese? We're in this shit together. We're one people. I don't care if you're Mexican, Japanese... We're all human. If an asteroid comes and hits us, it's not going to pick and choose people."

It was his birthday today. His mom passed away about 15 years ago when she jumped in front of a car to save his life. "I owe my mom for being here today and having a great day."

One nation, under God, indivisible.

image: "Leonardo DiCaprio en première ligne contre le massacre des éléphants d’Afrique © D.R."



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