Lucid Dream: Actor in His Prime

Last night I dreamt I was an actor in his prime...

I was in some kind of conference mingling with every body. Possibly buzzed up with alcohol, very well dressed and trimmed and sooo charismatic. Then someone said something like "oh she's not going to like you."

I almost felt like I owned the world. I was IT. I grabbed the good looking lady walking by in my arms and gave her a big French kiss. She loved how bold I was. We left the conference and booked a room.

When we got to the hotel, some how some other lady called me. I'm not sure how but she was calling me. Turns out there was this other lady living in the desert who apparently had a child of mine. I was in a conundrum... should I leave my party / famous life and settle down?

Somehow I decided to leave at that moment. I got to the desert town during the day. My daughter who was like 8 or 9 years old came out running to greet me. Her mom was there. My girl and I started going for a walk when another girl in town started throwing pebbles at her...

I was soo upset! That could hurt! So I grabbed some pebbles too and started throwing them at the other girl. Soon enough, that girl's dad came out. I was the man of the house and had to deal with this situation now.

We started a sort of duel / fight. The other guy had a machete. I had my bear hands. He throws the machete at me and I dodge it. I grab it and throw it back at him and it lands right on his leg.

After a while our girls shout out at us to stop fighting. We were all bloody and sweaty by then. And so we do.

p.s. I think it's interesting how in this "dream" I did not look one bit like who I am now. I was a totally different person with a totally different personality. No one in the dream was anyone whom I know now in my waking life. It was consistent. I wasn't doing random things every minute. It had a story to it. It felt real. Sounds like another past life! :)

image: George Clooney young

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